The Attention Training Institute


Most employees experience discomfort in their personal lives in the form of relationship problems, financial difficulties, and life stress. Unfortunately, many bring those problems to work.

Employment related problems cost industry millions of dollars each year in time off, sick benefits, loss of employees, and loss of production. Substance abuse occurs over all segments of workers in an effort to self-medicate unwanted feelings such as guilt, anger, and nervousness. Less obvious and more “minor” problems such as loss of focus, difficulty with coworkers and supervisors, inhibited creativity, and procrastination stem from the tendency to take differences of opinion personally as angry acts and criticism rather than as points of view, and are usually not addressed until they become serious and sometimes debilitating conditions.

It is the decrease of awareness that automatically converts attention into negative anticipation, dwelling in the past, and concern for what others may think. These are the negative thoughts that stimulate troublesome behaviors.

The concept of Attention Training© is simple. If awareness of the present is not allowed to diminish, then attention cannot be converted into the negative thoughts which trigger personal discomfort, less effectiveness at work, and corporate loss.

Taught in large groups, Attention Training is easily understood by employees and administration. Without the need for background information, Attention Training is administered quickly, and, as a result, is cost effective. This breathtakingly logical technique, first offers employees a reasonable and believable source for the origin of their discomfort and an uncomplicated method to increase their focus that is pleasurable and therefore, easily learned.

The result of Attention Training is an immediate and noticeable benefit to the employee in the form of increased self-confidence, better concentration, attention, and memory, clearer thinking and problem-solving ability with more tactful expression, better and more intelligent problem-solving, less personal problems at home, less of a tendency to take differences personally as criticism but to see them as points of view and, most importantly, less procrastination and greater productivity.

 Attention Training is not a psychological treatment but an educational process.

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